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Hi there and welcome to parabellum's guild website!!!!

We are a very sociable guild who enjoy playing the game that we pay for. We believe that to have a successful guild then everyone needs to have there right to say what they want and to put there point across.

We are a raiding guild who enjoys raiding as much as the next person enjoys it or the next guild. We are currently focusing on the Bastion of Twilight raid instance and are fighting our way through and at the moment are on the third boss.

Well i guess i just sum in up for the guild when i give you a real welcome from every member in the guild right down to the little alts XD.

If you have and problems or queries please feel free to contact Gildroy or Darkeljay.
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Raid Loot

adam-farmer, Jun 14, 11 4:03 AM.
Just to make so thing clear straight away that people may sometimes get confused by regarding loot. There are two types of loot. The BoE loot and the BoP loot.

With the BoE loot our rules are if you can use it for the spec that you came into the raid for then you are aloud to roll on it, however if this is not the case then all of the off specs our aloud to role for it, and if no one else can use it then it will then go into the guild bank to either be sold or given to other charcters that can use it.

Now with the Boss loots the role is exactly the same you are aloud to role on it if you can use it and if you went into the raid as that role (This means that if you went in as dps you would not be aloud to role on tanking stuff even though your tanking spec maybe your main) However if no one can use it i then goes to the offspec role and if no one can use it after that it will then be disenchanted hopefully and the mats put into the guild bank.

Happy looting from Gildroy

Important stuff

adam-farmer, Jun 13, 11 3:57 PM.
This is where all of the important stuff for the guild goes!!!
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We are currently recruiting all classes accept from shamans as we have alot at the moment.
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